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There is rarely a moment in our lives so transforming and so all-encompassing as the transition into motherhood. It changes our bodies, our hormones, our relationship with our partner, our relationship with our family and friends, even our relationship with our work and careers. It alters our perspective on the world and our personal priorities. It demands our emotional strength, our physical strength, our financial resources, our care, attention, and love. The journey to motherhood is a chrysalis in which we come out the other side, forever changed.

The Nurturist is a resource for women as they navigate this beautiful transition. This site is not only about nurturing our little ones (although that is a big part of it!), but also about discovering how to nurture ourselves and honor our relationship with our partners during this time. After all, we are the best parents we can be when we bring our best selves to the table.

We provide online classes and resources for women from the moment they start thinking about becoming a parent through early parenthood. We focus on mindfulness, natural prenatal and baby care, holistic health, and self care. Please join us by checking out our resources for wherever you are in your journey to motherhood.

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Join us for a 30-Day
Mindful Parenting Practice

Prior to becoming a parent, I had an active yoga and journaling practice. Since having my baby a year ago, I have struggled to find the time to incorporate these into my life as often as I would like, but also know that mindfulness and self care are more important than ever.

As my baby turns one, I have began to ask myself: How can I savor this fleeting and magical time with him? What would it feel like to be more present, calm, and centered as a parent? What does it mean to bring a mindfulness practice to my parenting?

This October, join me in exploring these questions. Sign up below and you’ll receive an email series during the month of October with practical ideas about how to put mindful parenting into practice. Plus, you’ll be able to share your experience with a community of parents as we explore this practice together.

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